Am i crazy for trading FOR Davonta Freeman?

So i traded Golden tate and Bilal powell for freeman in a full point ppr and .5 per rushing attempt… did I buy into the name value or get him at the right time??

You got him at the right time.

.5 per attempt??? That’s awesome/crazy.

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Do you think i over paid?

Not if Freeman returns to full form hopefully by next week and as long as your lineup isn’t at a great loss waiting for Freeman to return. When healthy he’s a top 5 to top 10 RB.

I’m biased as a Falcons fan, but I genuinely do think you are correct and bought in at the perfect time. I also have him on my team. All signs point to him starting to practice regularly next week and hopefully play barring any setbacks.

ROS schedule for Falcons is very favorable too.

Yea i figured the guy who drafted him was fed up, aside from freeman i have Melvin Gordon, kerryon johnson and Matt breida

I also drafted chris carson and got philip lindsay off the waiver and was able to flip them to an RB needy team for OBJ

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Again, our league is completely based off of volume so

Never been in a PPC league. Sounds kind of irritating haha but however it is, those all sound like good moves.

Its rough, i hate it so much

Well, idk actually. That makes Tate and Powell pretty valuable guys. Freeman will be more involved than either of them though if he makes it back on the field.

Getting OBJ was smart.

Well the roster setup is 1QB, 2WR, 2RB, 1TE, 1FLEX so having a bunch of middling receivers on your bench does no good cuz you can only start 2. Powell gets a solid work load and i get that but freeman is the goal line back and catches the ball too, hes just more injury prone i think

Well, kind of again. Haha. I keep reconsidering bc I’ve never thought about getting points for just a carry before. Carson and Lindsay can get a lot of them (Carson had 30 last week). But I mean, OBJ for those two guys in general is incredible, so everything else OBJ brings to the table makes it very worthwhile.

Reciever-wise i have Tyreek, OBJ, Alshon and Tyler lockett, figured moving tate wouldnt be detrimental to my team but added value for the powell-freeman swap

Carson cant sustain that workload, hes already was limited this week cuz of it too

Yeah, those are a great duo. Hill always a long TD threat and OBJ lots of receptions. I def like that.

Def agree. Perfect time to flip him in your league.