Am i crazy for trading FOR Davonta Freeman?

Maybe the only time you could have flipped him for real value all season long. And got the best type of player possible in exchange.

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True, and really with the .5 PPC, it makes certain pass catching backs more valuable because some get a few carries as well (austin ekler for example) so matt breida and kerryon are a little more valuable in that sence

Again, its taken me 4 years to understand the strategy of this league and im hoping these trades will win me a title

Yeah exactly - Freeman being an excellent example of that type of RB too. When he’s healthy and starting he regularly sees 15+ carries and 5 catches.

Ryan loves checking down to him bc his instinct has always been conservatism.

I think it’s a great time to buy low. Same thing happened last year.

Would you guys say and Engram and McCoy is too much for Freeman in a Dynasty?

Sorry its late but i woukd say no. Mccoy is getting old and engram has the name value for the position. If the player is willing then id do that. U have any other TEs?

Not at all. I think it’s a bargain. McCoy honestly might not really play regularly again. His contract is up after 2019 season and he’ll be 32 by then (2020). Freeman has his own risks w injuries but he’s still on his 2nd or 3rd of I believfe a 5 yr deal with the Falcons. And he’s only 26. And again, he’s on the Falcons. McCoy has the Bills as his supporting cast unless he gets traded. But then there’s still the ex-girlfriend domestic thing that just went quiet but I dont think was ever actually resolved.

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Shadys playing style def took a toll on his body. The guys said he was at or close to the 1600 touch mark and RBs drop off after that period… how was your fantasy week @falcones404?

0-4…lol. But I was never expecting anything short of a miracle would let me come away with a W. But I made a couple good pick ups preparing for the week as much as I could, scored a surprising amount of points given MIchael Thomas did very little for me. Now I’m getting D Freeman back (I pray - probably just jinxed it myself…) and need to figure out 1 more RB to play who is better than Jalen Richard lol. I have Sproles but idk what his deal is yet.

How was yours?

It went well, i won in both my leagues. My espn league i won because he played mahomes over goff (thats also the league i traded golden tate in -_-) and my yahoo league i barely won by 3 points and it was all because of royce freemans TD last night

My yahoo league is super competitive and all day sunday things were going great and then it would go wrong. Went against Matt ryan, AB, Aj green, golden tate and dion lewis… luckily he played minnesotas D and kenyan drake…