Am i crazy for wanting a 3rd DST?

Sup guys.

So playoffs start next week (wk 14) and i’ve secured my playoff spot as either the 4th-2nd seed depending on how things shake out this week.

Currently, my roster is as follows (12 team full ppr)

QB: Cam Newton
RB1: Kareem Hunt
RB2: Sony Michele
WR1: Deondre Hopkins
WR2: Odell Beckham Jr.
Flex: Josh Adams
TE: Jordan Reed (depending on health also have jared cook as backup)
D: Chiefs (playing OAK this week)
K: Janikowski

BE: Drake, Dion Lewis, Spencer Ware, Jared Cook, Anthony Miller, Courtland Sutton, Pats D

Now i’m looking squarely at wk 15, a similar issue i’ve noticed on the forums (lots of tough matchups)

So i’m definately rolling chiefs this week against Oak, and Pats 14 and 16 (miami and bills respecitively)

Seeing as how my backup WR’s are most likely not going to crack my lineup, would dropping one to pickup a D like Denver or Titans (both are on waivers) be crazy, soley for wk 15?

bringin it to the top

Yeah I’m fine with it…

Sutton has stunk but has a really nice schedule coming up.

Miller has been rising but doesn’t have as good of playoff match ups.

So id pick one of them to drop.
Unless you wanna go 1TE and drop reed and roll with cook the rest of the year.

But I am fine doing it if your bench plp really won’t crack your lineup and you have atleat one backup to WR and RB

Would not reccomend dropping Reed, but honestly either Miller or Sutton. if you really want an additional D/st then after this week you can drop chiefs and pick up someone else

If that’s the case, what do you think the best option is?

Denver is home against Cleveland wk 15

Titans are away @ Giants

Jags are home against Washington

Those are most likely my top 3

I am using Denver over the Bears in week 15

dropped miller, got broncos.

now i have 3 D’s (Chiefs, Pats, Broncos) and 3 TOTAL WR’s in OBJ, Hopkins, and Sutton.

One injury and i am EFFED lol, but cheers boys lets chase that championship!

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Yea I picked up the Broncos D to ride through the playoffs last week… Their schedule is very favorable from here on out.

I currently have 3 defenses rostered and tried to pick up a 4th. I have every week planned out. 13>Cheifs@Oakland 14>Steelers@Oakland 15>Titans @Giants 16>Rams@Cardinals