Am I crazy if I sit Stefon Diggs?

Dynasty playoffs (2 WR, 2 RB, 2 Flex)-
I have a TON of options at receiver this week. I feel like Diggs is pretty risky with the return of Thielen, and the matchup. What do you guys think? Here are my receivers-

DJ Moore
AJ Brown

For some reference, my RBs (for sure starting) are-

A Jones

I also have James Conner, which I MAY consider starting if he is good to go.

I’d definitely start AJ Brown and DJ Moore. For flexes I’d lean towards sitting OBJ. So you’re down to playing either Sutton, Diggs, Cooper in last 2 spots. I lean Cooper>Diggs>Sutton personally but any of them would be fine. Benching Diggs is far from crazy, but just know his ceiling is high as most WR’s so benching him could burn you.