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Am I crazy or are my league-mates? Draft opinion


I am in 10 man half-PPR league. I have bought into the FF tier-based strategy without chasing QB/TE unless they are good value at the pick. The league mates tend to fill out their roster and I went heavy on RB/WR. I feel like I got good value. What do you all think?

I drafted 5th overall with snake draft.

1.5: Antonio Brown, WR
2.6: Michael Thomas, WR
3.5: Jordan Howard, RB
4.6: Larry FItzgerald, WR
5.5: LeSean McCoy, RB
6.6: Jarvis Landry, WR
7.5: Rex Burkhead, RB
8.6: Sammy Watkins, WR
9.5: Marquis Goodwin, WR
10.6: Matt Breida, RB
11.5: Matthew Stafford, QB
12.6: Marlon Mack, RB
13.5: O.J. Howard, TE
14.6: NO Saints, DST
15.5: Matt Prater, K


I would be happy with that team myself


Not bad at all.


I love this team, especially your WR depth. You’ll prove that to your league mates when you bring home a #footclantitle!


nice job. i usually tend to draft RB RB but i like the way your team turned out going WR WR… interesting!

-Good Luck!


You’ll have the last laugh when you’re dominating your league-mates. I would have no problem with that team, lots of depth.


Nice draft!

I’ll bet you breathed a huge sigh of relief when a good RB like Jordan Howard was waiting for you in the 3rd! That’s the kind of thing where you make the pick as soon as possible before the guy in front of you says “oh…no wait a minute I changed my mind!”


Yes definitely a sign of relief that have a quality, high volume starter. I knew I would be able to get Burkhead late and didn’t think anyone would even know to draft Brieda until the round before someone drafted Alfred Morris (new guy in the league who seemed to know a decent amount aside from drafting QB/QB Watson/Brees in rounds 5/6 barf!). He didn’t get Breida in the wrap around.

I just started listening to the FF podcast during the season last year. This is the first time employing their strategy. It is so logical I am just nervous.

Thanks for the comment!


I draft based on value. I couldn’t pass up AB in the first round after the top 4 tier one RBs went off. On the wrap around I couldn’t reach for the next best RB (which was McCaffrey) in my opinion.

I do what value dictates although I feel better psychologically going RB/RB. In a 12 team PPR I had 12th pick and got Gordon/Fournette in picks 12/13.


Yeah McCoy could be an absolute steal in the 5th, we’ll have to see how things shake out with his off field non sense and O line but he should have a huge work load.


Yes and yes lol. I like the team but rb is a huge question with those guys. Your league mates probably went rb heavy. Neither is wrong. I used to go wr heavy but could never win, switched to RB heavy and won 2 leagues last year so I never go wr heavy anymore