Am I crazy to bench CAM and play Josh allen? Help

Cam @ cle
Josh allen vs NYJ

In a 4pt passing TD league…

Been ridding Cam all year… First week of playoffs I’m the team without Gordon and kerryon and he has mcaffery and AB

Most rankings Cam is in the top 5 but allen is outside top 12

What would you do?

I’m right there with you, I’ve been thinking the same thing. But i keep coming back to what the footballers sad about something like this (“ Play the studs that got you there, don’t overthink it “)
I’m riding with Cam and hoping to see super cam come out to play vs a soft defense
Good luck

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I have the exact same conondrum.
Seems crazy since cam has been so good.
That said, he looked hurt last week. I think I’m rolling with allen. Lamar also an option for me but might be too crazy.

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Cam Is fine, he was just dealing with soreness from throwing the ball 50 times. He’s not on the injury report at all. Just don’t see how you can pick up somebody off the waiver wire and start him over your top five quarterback. It would be a really tough loss to have cam Newton on your bench

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Thanks for the advice guy’s

It’s SuperCam all day.

Thanks guys for your help… Helped me lose the playoffs … Cam sucks

Hahaha this response. Did the 8 pts make a meaningful difference?

Im done with scam newton after this past games. How can a guy throw 40 times and score 10 points holy shit. He has running skills and just doesnt run anymore.
Id rather lose a playoff match by playing lamar jackson than playing newton. At least i dont expect a top 3 qb perfomance from him. What a joke

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Yeah I think everyone 1 got burned by him, pretty sure A.Holloway from the ballers started him. Hopefully some people made it out with me, had Allen and Lamar on my bench. Go figure Cams worst game of the year is week14 :man_facepalming:t2:

I picked Cam and made it through…

but same question this week! I don’t think I can trust Cam… Josh Allen week 15 here we go!

FFBALLERS, who has the highest floor?

Go with your gut. I went with mine and played Allen over Wentz this last week. Even though it was a wash with points, I felt more confident with Allen and his legs. But like they say put him in and dont watch the game because its ugly. The Lions will have to play in the cold and it could put a damper on the D, playing in Stadium and all.