Am I crazy to still start Matt Ryan on a must win week?

Winston, Rivers, Wentz, and Dak are still on waivers.

I’m going to be honest. I don’t think the Ravens defense is THAT good and I feel like Matt Ryan will outscore the above four.

I feel like most of the Ravens D stats are skewed because most of their points came against Tennessee(before they found their groove) and Oakland(no explanation needed). Looking more closely at this defense, they only have 8 TOTAL turnovers in their 11 games this season with a total of 32 sacks with 11 of that coming against Tennessee. Their best performances were also against QB’s like Josh Allen, Case Keenum, Baker Mayfield, and Derek Carr.

Matt Ryan on the other hand is having a career year where he is as of now leading the NFL in passing yards and second in completion percentage. With offense passing attack of Julio, Ridley, Sanu, Gabriel, and Coleman, I don’t see the Ravens really slowing down this offense by that much. The falcons are playing at home and also still have the chance to make the playoffs so I see them playing this as a must win.

Should I just go with the rankings and go with one of the guys on waivers or take my chances with Matty Ice?

I would stay away from Wentz. Dax for sure this week. Saints D is not a fluke. That leaves Rivers, Winston and Ryan.

Ryan, nothing to play for but stats. Winston and Rivers. Winston is playing for his career. Rivers for his shot at glory finally. I think career motivation is stronger. Winston has way more on the line. I would roll with Winston.

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Thanks for your input. I’m just skeptical because the one time I started Winston, he threw four interceptions and got benched.

Understand. Motivation though is a dangerous thing and is not tracked in any stats. Who is more motivated is how I approach it but it’s not an easy call. Are the Falcon WR’s really going to make every possible effort with nothing to play for? I don’t think so. Bucs are still in the hunt. Chargers in the hunt. Ravens D also still in the fight. Just something to think about. Winston is also throwing shorter passes and being more cautious with the ball. His boneheaded throws are going to go down. Saw it last week, granted weak opponent but he was focused.

I would personally be starting Winston over Ryan this week vs CAR who are one of the best defenses to target for QBs and TEs.

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I would go with Rivers. He’s hot and the team is winning games. Ryan isn’t a bad play, but I think with Rivers playing against Pitt and with Gordon out, he’s going to have to throw the ball a lot.

Im in the same boat as you. I would play River this week . i picked up trubisky as well. for the GB and Rams matchup. Looking at his stats, he usually blows up when its very competitive.

I used to play the Tampa QB, but it was very stressfull and unpredictable. the qb’s benching made me lose. doubt theyll bench him again LOL

I am going Rivers this week against PITTS. rivers will have to throw. especialy with gordon out.

Matt Ryan is at home and puts up points regardless. Ive had him all year and hes let me down twice the whole year. Ravens will be exposed. Ryan will throw ALOT.

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Thank you. I made the playoffs

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Thank you for preventing me from making one of the worst mistake possible

Glad we could be of assistance. Congratulations!