Am I crazy to think about trading Hopkins?

Hi all,

I lost Barkley, 0-3 and my RB struggle to bring me points :
My RB are Jacobs, David Johnson (traded for him last week), Gibson, Bell and Kelley
My WR are Hopkins, Cooper, DJ Moore, Mc Laurin, DJ Chark and Deebo Samuel

I have tried to shop my wr to get a RB1 back in exchange but I haven’t been able to secure any deal.
Would you try to shop Hopkins to get one of them and if yes, who would you target ?
The CEH owner is not interested.
The Drake owner could be but I am scared of paying too much.

Thank you in advance for your help !

(rest of my team for information :
QB : Fitz (streaming the position)
TE : Gesicki and Hockenson