Am I crazy to trade away Thielen? Non PPR League

So the Freeman owner is 1-5 and is packing it in until next year. We run a two keeper league so he is looking to get assets for next season in his fire sale. Am I crazy to do this?

I Give:
Adam Thielen (10th round keeper next season)
Aaron Jones (8th round keeper next season)

I Get
Julio Jones (Not eligible to be kept next season)
Christian McCaffrey (Not eligible to be kept net season)

So I am sacrificing my future for some help now. Thoughts?

Anyone out there? Need some help…

I honestly think i’d keep Thielen in this situation. He’s absolutely killing it this year and looks to have established a connection with Cousins that could continue for a while. Plus Jones will breakout next year as the clear RB1 for Green Bay.

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