Am I crazy? Want Najee

12 team .5 4 keeper league. Have CMC, Gibson, Adams, and Jefferson. Yeah, I’m the 1 team A+ guy…. Anyways, I really want Najee and thinking of offering a manager with sad WRs Gaskin and OBJ for Najee. Other WR I have are Higgins, Bryan Edwards, Terrace Marshall, and Gage. Giving too much? Keep the depth instead?


I would try Najee

Make the offer, go for it

Try OBJ and Gage for Najee and see if they bite, if not then you can do the original offer you were thinking. Putting Gaskin in the deal makes it seem like you’re doing something “for them” and will have a higher chance of accepting.

Landed up getting Najee for Higgins and Gaskin. I know I should be excited but kinda feel lukewarm.

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