Am I Crazy? Would You Pay This?

Doing a Dynasty League 10 man SuperFlex. Draft is auction and budget is $220. I’m hearing league mates talk about budgeting $100-$120 their quarterback pieces and up to $85 for Mahomes alone. What would you do?

I don’t think it’s crazy to pay up for your centrepiece guys, depends how you want to build your team, you can spread the value more evenly paying $20-$30 on decent players and getting a few late stashes cheap, or like your mates you blow your budget on the centerpiece of your team and hope you hit gold on a couple of really cheap options later in the draft. For a super flex you’ll probably need to pay up for at least one QB or you’ll probably feel bad about your team when it’s all said and done, rolling out Kirk cousins and baker mayfield every week