Am I crazy

Am I crazy for wanting to draft elliot/Johnson over bell or gurley? I think all 4 of them are great rbs but Johnson was the top rb going into last year’s fantasy draft and he was injured in the first game. I think he’s gonna come back this year with more determination to be a top running back and has had more than enough time to heal from his injury. Elliot was dealing with suspensions pretty much most of the year last year which I’m sure mentally it has to wear on him a bit and he was still a monster in most of the games he played in. I think bell is too focused on what he wants to get paid and I don’t disagree with that but as he’s focusing on his paycheck he’s not putting 100% into getting ready for this season and as far as gurley goes I think he’s great but I feel he is a bit behind the other 3… I don’t know. Just my opinion. Not taking away anything from these guys just was curious on other people’s thoughts

Haha i don’t think you are crazy at all. I have a very similar view. In a start up dynasty draft which is looking to be a very competitive league i was drafting 4th. Gurley and DJ go 1 and 2 and i’m sitting waiting for my pick thinking to myself if this guy at 3 takes Zeke i don’t want to pick Bell. Crazy i know but i have the exact thoughts you do… Gurley is a one year wonder until he proves otherwise, DJ missed the year but was a beast before, Zeke is a proven stud even most of his games last year, and Bell is focused on money at the moment which makes me nervous as to what he’ll be when he gets it! DJ and Zeke for me were my favourites going in, and i got Zeke so happy days


I don’t think you’re crazy at all. I think David Johnson is the #1 RB in the league. The other 3 are very dependent on league format. If it’s standard redraft, i’m going with Zeke at #2, Bell at #3, Gurley at #4. PPR dynasty leagues make it interesting though. I would still have to go DJ #1, Gurley #2, Zeke #3, and Bell #4. ALL are incredible and alot of people will have alot of different rankings. Don’t forget about what DJ did before he was hurt. The guy is unreal

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Nothing crazy about that. I agree with what the others have said. The only thing I would mention is that DJ is older than many think.

DJ will turn 27 in December.
Bell just turned 26 in February.
Gurley will be turning 24 in August.
Elliot will be a young 23 in July.

For dynasty, that might matter some. Not enough to totally sway me, but seeing the ages is something to consider. I think DJ is amazing, but for dynasty the age difference might take me to Zeke or potentially Gurley. In redraft I would have a hard time not taking Gurley (as I think the Rams will still have it together this season) or Bell (because he will get fed).


Time for some counter points:

Gurley is not a one year wonder. He was very strong in his rookie year as well, leading to him being the top rb drafted going into 2016. He is the lead back for what looks to be a very strong rams team.

Bell is trying to get paid: since when is a contract year a bad thing for expected production? Lol that’s a point in the plus category, not a reason to avoid him.

DJ is playing for what is expected to be a very bad team, has a new coach, new qb and many different pieces around him since last he played. Plus he’s coming off a major injury, something players don’t always return smoothly from. The fact that he is a prolific receiving back is helpful, but on this team the idea that he will even sniff the 20 total tds he put up in 2016 is crazy. He should be highly utilized, but those tds are going to be hard to come by.

As for Zeke, again he’s going to be in an offense that will likely struggle. Prescott just lost his top 2 targets and the Cowboys didn’t do much to replace them; I think Zeke is going to be seeing stacked boxes all year.

The overarching theme here is, generally, the top producing rbs play for the best teams and the best offenses. Why? Because these teams put up more points, meaning the rbs have greater scoring opportunities, and these teams are more likely to be leading and thus running the ball in the second half. Bell and Gurley play for two power house teams, while DJ’s Cardinals are in the conversation to pick first overall in 2019 and the cowboys are average at best.

With all that being said, are you crazy? No, not at all, these guys are certainly all in the same conversation. But for the reasons outlined above I’ll put my money on Gurley and Bell.


Good counterpoints and I see both sides. My comment on Bell, while I agree the contract year isn’t bad at all my concern is what happens when he’s paid. There’s a reason he and the steelers never reached a deal they have is value at X and he sees it as Y, the franchise tag was the alternative and kept him productive in order to keep his value high, I wonder if the steelers know he needs that to play to his best - none of us will ever know of course but just my concern.

Ultimately these are the top guys and I don’t think there is much between them other than personal view like above and the age for DJ vs the rest but we’re splitting hairs otherwise lol

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I mean the Cardinals haven’t been a “great” team for DJ’s entire career, yet he’s consistently been a lock. Same for Gurley and the Rams, with last year being an outlier that both were actually great. I think the more accurate overarching theme is the top RBs are those who contribute in running and pass game, which is pretty much all 4 of these. Predicting who will have an out of the ordinary, spectacular, once in a 5 year span season is difficult. It’s kind of like picking your poison, or calling any of the 4 picks a wash, any given year.

I traded Gurley in my keeper league, picked up DJ from FA, because I doubt Gurley will repeat last years dominance. Still, I think it’s a wash.

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Honestly I wouldn’t care if you picked Keenan Allen 1.01. If that’s what your rankings say, then go with it. I would argue you can get him later, it’s a waste of a pick when you can get someone else and him, but it’s all about what you see. And considering we are talking about guys who wont go past pick 5, I think your fine. I value zeke really high as well. For me its probably zeke is the 1st guy I would take just because I know he will produce at a base level, then Gurley, then bell. But I also value things kinda funky. It works for me though. So do what you think is best.

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Zeke has seen stacked boxes every game since the 4th week of the 2016 season. He will be that entire offense. They drafted LB and OL first. That tells me they are satisfied with Zeke being their game plan.

for me - Gurley, Zeke, Bell, DJ.

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