Am I done for the season?

Barring injury, and except QB and def which I stream, am I done with waivers? Done with trades? Lol idk how I can improve my team anymore ! I’ve made four trades on the year and think that this may be the team to go the distance. image image

This level of OP team breaks all known expectations of a fantasy football team. That’s insane

Dude right? Like all credit goes to the footballers lol I have got really good at capitalizing on value and preying on needy teams haha

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You’re team is excellent but I love trading and I’m ALWAYS open to trading at the right price and for the right pieces. It took me 5 week and 7 trades to get my team to where it is today but still can improve. Never shut off the waiver/trading block. There is new information released every week about players you have, players other have, players on waivers, etc. Take advantage.

The one spot you could upgrade on your team right now, it’s kittle. Gronk owners are panicking, take advantage of that. You have so much depth that you can easily afford to take Kittle + RB or Kittle + WR to try and upgrade to gronk. I’ve seen some absurd sells on Gronk as of late.

I myself, am an owner and buyer of gronk. Happily buy up all the shares of him I can as we watch the patriots O hit its stride and operating at full strength. He was 1 yard shy of a TD last week, and those single blow up weeks are coming.

Another area where you are very weak is QB. Mariota will lose you some weeks. If I were you, I would go out and buy low on someone like wilson. Or even Baker who I would rather have than Mariota ROS. Or if dalton is on waivers, grab him for free. But no point having all that depth on your bench. Might as well upgrade your QB/TE slots to become even more dominant.


Haha yeah I’ve been thinking of getting Gronk or ertz and I’m actually dropping Mariota for Baker already xD great to know my heads in the right spot as far as those go lol and I lovee e trading too xD that’s why I was a little bummed looking at my team cause it seems like barring injury they’re all locked and loaded

What about Howard Kittle and Corey Davis or Quincy for Gronk?

opened the post thinking i was going to see a 0-5 team with fournette, breida ajayi and cook lol
Great team man, i love your starters and this bench is really strong! I agree with mikemeupp, a top 3 TE and a strong QB would make this team look like a beast. But dont get too cocky tho, we all saw what happened to jason and his super team hahaha

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Nope lol I am 4-1 xD whatcha think would be a good deal for either Ertz or Gronk

Gronk owner is 5-0 with Gurley, Brandon cooks cooper cupp, aj green and marshawn

Ertz owner is 4-1 with zeke, golden Tate, Diggs, Aaron jones and Carlos Hyde

Those are their starting/best players

Kelce owner has Alex Collins, joe mixon, Antonio brown, Julio Jones and Emanuel sanders

Kelce owner might need some assistance with RBs.

That is way too much exposure to the rams. Especially with 2 dudes out due to concussion. I think you could make an offer to him including some WRs.

This guy also needs WR and RB depth.

You could target him as well. His RB core must be struggling if Collins is his WR2.

I would start with something like Howard + Kittle + Boyd/Freeman and see where that takes you. I suggested you target gronk cause I think he is the most undervalued currently due to performance thus far. I fully expect him to rebound. Ertz/Kelce are costly right now given they’ve been performing really well. I fully expect that trend to turn. If i had to bet today, I’d be more than willing to bet gronk outscores both of them for ROS.

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Thanks for the advice guys!