Am I done tinkering with my lineup for now? From 1-5 to 4-5

Is it time to sit on my remaining 32 FAAB and play out a few more weeks? My QB2 is pretty terrible....Dalton is on waivers. I could make a low claim I guess just to have a decent backup.

12 team PPR.
League Rosters are 2QB 3RB 3WR 2TE 2K 2DEF
Starting Rosters are QB RB RB WR WR TE K DEF

My roster:
QB R Wilson, J Flacco
RB E Elliot, J White, M Ingram
WR M Thomas, R Woods, M Jones
TE OJ Howard, V McDonald
K Crosby, Bailey
D Ravens, Redskins

I see a lot of talk about Elliot being tradebait, but I don’t see where trading him would benefit me. In week 3, I traded OBJ and Collins for Elliot and J Nelson, who I dropped and picked up R Woods.