Am i getting Ripped off?

I got this OFFER and i might consider this. FULL PPR

Eckler OR Sanders and AJ green for MY Gurley, CHark, Dobbins

My RB: Chubb, Gurley, Swift, Keeryon, c.thompson, dobbins
WR: D. Adams, CHark, Ruggs, Fuller, Crowder

WHat yall think? or should i stay pat

How many WR do you start? If you start 3 this is a definite no-go for me. I think, even if, you start 2 WR’s then I would have to really think. I would be worried that this leaves you really weak at WR. Consider that you will have to start Green and Adams basically on a weekly basis.

I agree with @TMALI3

Third. I personally wouldn’t want to touch Green right now after he sat out a year, Sanders looks like he has a bad hammie, and leaving them out on one side and Gurley on the other with his knee, Chark and Dobbins is too high a price to get Ekeler IMO.