Am I Getting Too Cute?

I’m currently flexing Sutton over Juju… I need a safe floor and right now Sutton has it imo. I’m also not deep at RB so I need to plug in either R. Freeman or M. Sanders for Kerryon. Game script is in Sander’s favor, but Freeman has been putting up the better numbers so far to date. Thoughts?

Quick answer: yes, too cute. I would play sanders.

I’m in the same position. Need to plug in someone for kerryon as well.
Miles sanders or Wayne gullman. What u think

Gallman forsure! Man got so much work last week. Do you have a thought between Sanders and R. Freeman?

Would you keep Sutton in or not get fancy and play Juju?

So I should play Juju?

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I would play JuJu, I suspect a get right game for him this week. QB just came out releasing a statement saying he needs to get JuJu the ball

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