Am I giving up too much in this trade?

6 man full PPR, this is the trade:

I give: Kamara, Robinson II, Ridley

I get: CMC and Tee Higgins

My team:
QBs: Herbert, Fields
RBs: Kamara, Aaron Jones, Ekeler, Gibson
WRs: Kupp, Ridley, Hill, DK, Robinson II, Lamb, Godwin

His team:
QBs: Mahomes, Rogers
RBs: CMC, Mike Davis, Singletary, Robinson
WRs: Jeudy, Landry, Diggs, Lockett, JuJu, Higgins, Devonta Smith, Edwards

Thanks in advance footclan!

Don’t mess with that team. You have 4 great RBs and no need at WR.


Yeah probably giving up too much. Jeudy and Landry are out for him. Higgins, Edwards and Smith are not consistent. Now he also has CMC out so he needs a lot of coverage. Kamara and one of the Receivers but not both

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If I get the chance, should I just go Kamara for CMC? @Mike_Honcho @carlos1974 ?

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I think so. Better offense and CMC is always the focal point. If you redrafted today, would you pick CMC over Kamara?

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Yeah if you can do a straight up trade I would do it


@Mike_Honcho Yes, I would take CMC if I had the chance to do so

@carlos1974 @Mike_Honcho Thank you both! I will put the offer in!

FELLAS, I GOT HIM! THANK YOU! Kamara for CMC @carlos1974 @Mike_Honcho


Good shit. Come up. You get to keep your team intact

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