Am I insane?

Ok so I’m the third pick in my draft. My league is a ten team full ppr. We do a snake draft and I know a player I really want won’t make it back. I’m really contemplating taking Najee with the third overall pick. Am I Insane for passing up some of the bigger proven guys? I know without a doubt he doesn’t come back in the second. Please help!

Barring injuries, I can’t see a realistic way that Najee could end up in the top5 at RB at the end of the year. I’d take Kamara/Cook and then look to trade for Najee during the season

I agree that I would not take Najee at 3. If you are that high on him then I would look to trade for him right after the draft. Try to get some extra value to come with him if you are that high on him.

According to Sleeper, his current ADP is 18.9, which means he has a realistic shot of being available at 18 when you come back. I agree with everyone else tho. Try to trade for him if you like his value that much

I have the same spot. Kamara or Cook will be on my team.