Am I just salty or is this collusion?

I’m in an 8 team league. I have been offering trades all season and there have been 0 trades all year. Nobody wanted to trade with anyone.
Now, my commish is 1-11 and announces he’ll be accepting trade offers for his best players to teams in the playoffs.
He accepted three trades, two of them to his wife. He gave up Mixon and Chris Carson for TJ yeldon, and traded away brandin cooks for Corey Davis.
I’m 7-6 and fighting for a playoff spot, am I right to be pissed?

This league sounds like a joke. If you get eliminated, I’d just drop all your players and dip. Couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

If you win, take your money and never go back.

Sadly it’s not a joke. I was shocked when I found out there was no trade deadline. When I raised hell about it I was assured that only fair trades would be accepted :roll_eyes:

hahahaha this league has to change man, cmon… it isnt even funny to be in a league like this. First of all, is a joke to trade your studs for playoff teams just cause. Second, of course this is collusion, i mean, it his wife! He clearly deserves to be 1-11, and should be voted out of the comissioner position by the rest of your league mates… I would try to change the league rules/comissioner, if not, i’d just leave asap

I’m definitely not coming back. My plan right now is to offer crap to the other hapless teams, try to capitalize. Maybe I’ll be able to score Kelce for Cameron brate or something :rofl:

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Yeah that’s a joke, the dude and his wife are basically playing 2 squads as 1 combined super team all season.
For crazy re-enact leagues with no trade deadline present, there should at least be a rule that a playoff team cannot trade with a non playoff team once past a certain point in the season. That might stop a shit team colluding to unload their 1/2 studs to a playoff team and help them cheat