Am I Making the Right Choices? Semis Lineup

Here is what I’ve got for my semi match lineup. What changes would you make? The QB spot is the toughest for me. I’m projected a handful of points below my competitor.

QB: Carson Wentz
WR: Cooper Kupp
WR: Julio Jones
RB: Mark Ingram *23.10 points
RB: Phillip Lindsay
TE: Travis Kelce
W/R/T: Raheem Mostert
K: Justin Tucker *3pts
DEF: Pittsburgh (vs Buffalo)

Josh Allen
Sony Michel
John Brown
Terry Mclaurin
Golden Tate
Seattle DEF

QB waiver options: Fitz, Trubisky, Brissett, Manning, Minshew, Kyle Allen

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Looks good.

Thank you, sir

Don’t see any issues here… this is how I would roll with it… good luck to you!

Awesome, thank you!