Am I missing something here?

The Fournette owner in my non-ppr league is willing to trade him to me for J Conner and K Drake.

I have obviously been starting Conner, but i would only play Drake if something went wrong anyway.

Do this immediately?

(RB’s are M Gordon and MIxon, with Sony in the flex)

I think you’re just fine without Conner anyway, so having to deal with an injured Fournette while sacrificing some sort of situation where Conner keeps playing more ROS feels like a losing situation for you.

Connor’s value will dip significantly if not entirely come week 8.
fournette may come back week 10-11ish. he may not be back this season.
realistically you loan connor to someone and give up drake for the prospect that fournette comes back and is good to go.
Given your core… do it man.

Anyone else weigh in on this trade?

I would take this trade. I think Conner is about to be completely useless for fantasy, and I wouldn’t play Drake if you paid me. They’re being very cautious with Fournette and giving him plenty of time to heal up, so I think he’ll be good to go after their Bye week