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Am I missing something?


Was just offered Doug Martin for Dak in my 10 team PPR league. I have Jameis as well. My other RBs are Hunt, Miller, Hyde, Abdullah. Am I missing something or is this a slam dunk for me?


Is it from the Rodgers owner or someone?


It is from the Rodgers owner. He also has Gurley, Ingram, Mixon, and Alf.


Ah okay, would they take Jameis for Martin? I feel like Dak might be better ROS…


I would do it. Slam dunk and good for you! You need a RB2 with upside! Dak is great yes, but you are getting a positional player for a position that can easly be filled. If I were you I would do this in a heartbeat! Jameis can get you 15-20 weekly, Dak 18-25. Martin is averaging 13 a game. You are ahead on this one


Accept for sure