Am I offering too much for dez?

Crabtree, Coleman, deon Lewis. I am 3-4, ranked tenth, and the second lowest scoring team in my league. I need a big move to give my team some juice.

Post Bump… please help

What does your team look look or currently?

Yeah, it’s too much.

So maybe just Crabtree and Coleman?

You need an RB not a WR


Yeah, you’re telling me. No one’s letting me! I offered stuff for ajayi, Lamar miller, freeman… nothin

I just feel like I have a lot of middling players and I need to consolidate some of this value into at least one stud.

Your best bet is to play the zeke hand. Package McFadden and someone else to the zeke owner and say he needs the handcuff in case zeke misses 6 weeks. His value is somewhat high to a zeke owner. Besides that you really don’t have much trade value.


Good idea man! Thanks

Mike Spain!

This is his team… not sure I see a trade here…

Yeah… that is tough. He probably won’t go for it but try to trade Coleman or Lewis plus McFadden for Gordon. Your team might make a come back here soon. Shepard could be a beast and experts think its time for Murray to bounce back but we all know how that goes. Just ask him what you can get for McFadden