Am I overpaying in either of these offers?

10 team, full PPR, redraft. Just offered two trades to an owner I’ve been talking to – just want to make sure neither of them is an overpay? Let me know what you guys think. The two offers are as follows:

1st offer:

I give:

Geronimo Allison

I get:

Gio Bernard
Kelvin Benjamin

The 2nd offer is:

I give:

Mike Williams

I get:

Kenny Stills

This owner was going to accept Ajayi, Mike Williams, and Burton for Ertz and Kelvin last week, but had to go offline all weekend and then Ajayi got hurt so we are starting over here. I didn’t use my waiver on Clement/Smallwood but did get ALf on Free Agency, so this is where we are. For reference as well see my roster below:

QB: Patrick Mahomes
RB: Sony Michel
RB: Alfred Morris (hopefully just this week, didn’t cost me anything)
WR: Davante Adams
WR: Juju Smith-Schuster
TE: Trey Burton
W/R/T: Josh Gordon
DEF: Houston (stream)
K: Justin Tucker
BN: Jared Goff
BN: Mike Williams
BN: Geronimo Allison
BN: Ronald Jones
BN: Matt Breida
BN: Leonard Fournette

I try to avoid messy and over complicated trade offers like this one. Just cut it down to the bare bones. Half the guys listed from what you’re receiving aren’t even worth rostering. I think in both instances though, you’re coming out way ahead. Giving up a bunch of injured/fringe players for studs at their respective positions. As the other side, I probably wouldn’t be accepting either one.

1st Offer: You’re essentially trying to get Mixon/Bernard. If you can get it for what you’re offering, obviously take it and run cause that’s robbery. But just simplify the deal to Fournette + one of Breida/Morris + Allison for Mixon. Bernard is a waste of roster space. I understand he’s a handcuff but as of right now, he’s injured himself and with mixon healthy, he’s useless. Just go after the key piece. Ideally, you offer Fournette + 1 better other piece to simpify the deal more and actually make it a fair deal. But leave that up to you.

2nd Offer: Again you’re just trying to get Ertz. Stills/Kelvin aren’t even worth rostering in 10 team leagues. Just take Burton + one of breida/morris + Williams. Again, ideally you actually offer up something more valuable and just make it a 2 for 1.

Trying to do 3 for 1 or 4 for 1 deals is tough unless a team is so ridden with injuries they desperately need all the players who become starters for them. Otherwise, people see it for what it usually is. Stud for a bunch of mediocre assets.