Am I overreacting? Keeper league

My league of record is a keeper league. We keep 5 players with no associated round pick.

As it happens every year, the lead up to our draft involves some teams trading players that they can’t keep to teams who upgrade their keepers. They trade them for draft picks in that years draft.

This year the day before our keepers were due, one team traded away Jay Ajayi for Peyton Barber full well knowing he wasn’t going to keep Barber. The one team essentially got Ajayi for free and Barber has been put back into the draft.

I called bullshit on this trade as he gave Ajayi away to a competitor for free.

Am I overreacting? My league would not veto this trade.

Seems kinda wierd but you can never know if that person was going to keep Barber. Maybe they changed their mind?

Depending on what you have invested, money or mind, leave now before the season starts.

Leagues should never veto trades!

That’s the weird part, the guy who received Ajayi said the other told him the whole time he never intended to keep Barber.

If this were me, I would log my thoughts with the commissioner. They may not be able to do anything now, but if they’re any good, track it. If it becomes a pattern than something should be done.

If your friend will provide you with text or email proof of the other guy saying those words… Sure send it into the commish and see what happens.

But not sure why your so mad… I mean now that guy has to play against a better opponent too… I mean he helped another team for no reason… Seems like that was pretty dumb on his part but not sure it’s anything that should be punished or reversed…