Am I Overreacting?

Hello #FootClan

I wanted to share an experience that occurred over the last 48 hours and see if I am being unreasonable or if I was 100% in the right here.

I have been in a league for seven years, and I’m not going to be modest, I dominated the league. In seven years I have won three #FootClanTitles, finished second one year and third in two others. Needless to say, the road to the championship always ran through me.

The league will be celebrating its 15th year in existence, but I have officially walked away from it. The reason why is because the league was making a rule, behind my back, that all of my trades would have to be approved by a minimum of two people before they would be official. No one else was going to have these restrictions, it was only going to be for me.

The reason for this, in my view, is because a lot of people would say that I take advantage of the league members and make trades that no one else would be able to make. For example, last year I turned Ezekiel Elliott into Le’Veon Bell and DeAndre Hopkins at the end of a very exhausting trade chain over the course of a week.

My biggest flaw is making people want to make a trade that can seem one sided. I don’t make them hit accept or just complete the trades without their approval. Every trade I have ever made was because the other party wanted the players I sent them and in return I would generally get the best player on their team. Seems pretty simple to me if the other party didn’t want to make the trade then it wouldn’t happen.

As soon as I heard that this new rule was going to be go into effect this season, I immediately told the commissioner that I am done and would be leaving. I have since been officially removed from the league.

What else also really bothers me is that I brought another level to this league. Not only did I increase the level of play and understanding for Fantasy Football, but I purchased a Fantasy Football Championship Belt for the winner to have each year (granted it was in my possession the majority of the time we had it), and also created, designed and paid for a professional logo not once, but twice.

I know I am probably venting, but while I did quit the league, I really feel like I was finally just pushed out of the league. If you have a similar story, or feel I am way out of line, I would love to hear it!

That sounds like they did you wrong. I say good riddance to that league. You’ll find another.

What surprises me is the ability to create a rule which would have a singular effect on your team. Was there a vote? How did rule changes normally occur?

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How rule changes occur is irrelevant. No rule that only affects one player is legitimate.


In an established league, rule changes should be voted on. I can’t fathom a vote occurring to pass this rule. No rule that is imposed without a vote is legitimate.

I agree. What I meant is that, even if it was voted on by the majority, it’s illegitimate if it’s not applied to everyone.


If there was any voting it occurred outside of “normal” league communication methods. Basically what I believe happened is that everyone became so upset about me and trading that the commissioner decided to create this rule to have everyone else be happy.

One of the guys in the league mentioned to me that this was going to happen, and I asked the commissioner and he confirmed it, to which I said you can give me back my dues (which I was the only person to have already paid) and remove me from the league.

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I agree with what’s been said here. A rule that singles out a player because of the moves they made is absolutely ridiculous. Even if they did vote on it, its irrelevant if the whole league wasn’t included in the vote… which is the case here.

Good for you for leaving the league.

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Good riddance and move on.

I would hope that others would leave this league. I would make sure the entire league knew what happened. Sounds like a shady commish to me.

I had a similar issue in that I had my league mates get upset with me last year because I pulled off some great trades and had basically an unbeatable team. the exact trades and circumstances would take too long to detail, but I ended up with a team with like Bell, Shady, Howard, Hopkins, Evans, Landry, Ertz and OBJ (early on until he got hurt).

Bottom line is this…If you have two willing parties and

  1. both parties are looking out for their respective teams best interests, and
  2. both parties are reasonably informed

…then every trade is fair game. So if there is no collusion, every trade should go through in my opinion. I’m not sure why that point is even in contention by anoyone.

Regardless of the trade circumstances, any rule that literally just targets one player like that rule is asinine. You were right to walk away

Really, the only way I can even get in the headspace where I’d understand anyone getting upset about this stuff is if there’s 1) demonstrable collusion, or 2) someone taking advantage of someone of a significantly lesser experience level.

But really, even that second one is dubious. I’ve personally (long ago) had a trade I’ve agreed too, knowing full well what it was, vetoed because others in my league thought I wasn’t getting enough back. It’s more than a little bit insulting on that end for someone to assume that they know better than you how you should run your own team.

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I thank you all for your feedback. I know the commissioner made his decision for the sake of the league, however I imagine there won’t be much of a league now that I am gone!

On to bigger and better leagues!

Sounds to me like the commissioner was a little salty that you kept dominating and wanted to either severely handicap your team or do something that forces you to quit. Either way, that is not a league you want to be a part of.

Sounds like you need to play higher competition. If you know nothing but winning find the next size up pond for a challenge. I find the idea of a rule like that awful it should only ever take one other party to trade with.

Well, it appears I will be in a #footclan-leagues this year, and finally doing a dynasty league, so things are great!

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Good for you for getting out of that league man and finding something better! I’ve been in a league now for my 9th season coming up. I’ve won once and never finished below 5th place. Our league runs a little different because it took us a while to get a solid group of players. So there’s 4 of us who’ve player at least 7 season (Including our commissioner) and he a couple years ago approached us and asked us to be part of the before the season rule changing questions.

The only exception is something big (Last year we added one keeper). Then it’s a league vote. The point is, we have a system that the league understands and agrees with. If the league doesn’t communicate and keep things fair, it’s not worth your time and dedication.

They screwed you over. That’s a toxic league. I would definitely find a better league! Like here! I’ve been wanting to make/join a footclan league!

having a “you only” rule is not good, probably best to leave. but, on the flip side, a league that has a guy who can be talked into a zeke for bell/dhop trade sounds pretty weak to begin with and sounds like it has some general fair play concerns as well.

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if you are looking for a new highly competitive league, i have a startup 32 team dynasty still needing a few more owners. It will be the 3rd league i run, my other 2 32 teams leagues have been around since 2009 and 2013.

I’d have left too man. I am in in a similar situation of dominating through trades that no one else can make happen and it is just me negotiating and willing to take some risks but the other teams definitely are getting pissy over the years. Not to a point of making a rule against me but talking other teams into not even entertaining a trade. Crappy situation to be in so I’d have left if I were you.