Am I Overthinking This?

Nyheim Hines was a great dump-off target for Luck, and should see plenty in a game where most of his stars are out. So, do I play Hines over Matt Breida or Aaron Jones?

Are you in PPR? I personally like Breida of the 3, and if he ends up looking like he’ll be hurt you can always play Jones instead which is probably still better than Hines, in theory.

I like Breida in any format. If you disagree, then I like Hines for PPR and Breida in Standard. Then you have Jones in Standard just in case of the injury.

This is a full PPR. I’m just not sure about playing a Thursday RB. I definitely like Breida as long as he’s healthy and Aaron Jones is looking more and more like the #1 in this offense.

Yep. A Jones basically is that already - however, their offense is not friendly to fantasy RB’s regardless of who it is right now. You can’t depend on Jones to get a certain number of touches, or even to out-touch Williams/Ty, although he probably will. Maybe not by much.

Still, that means he can score touchdowns and will play, so he’s at least a viable backup to Breida. If you’re worried that Breida isn’t gonna play and don’t like Jones enough, then I would play Hines from those 3 options. Esp bc it’s PPR.

Hines and Jones prob have about the same floor right now actually. But Hines ceiling I think is a lot higher.

Breida’s floor is fine if he plays, and has the highest ceiling of anybody, that’s why I’d wait to see on him. But Hines is a risk I’d also take under the right circumstances.