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Am I Overvaluing Him?


I’m in a 10 ppr dynasty league, and I have the mighty Aaron Rogers as my QB. I also have the Slippery Fish and AJ Green, but my depth isn’t the best so I was going to trade Rogers to help bolster the RBs that I have. I do have Kirk cousins and Dalton as backup qbs.

Okay with that aside, I just want to know if I’m over valuing Rogers. There is a guy in my league who was wanting to trade for him, but I feel he was low balling me by offering J Stew and Jonathan Williams. I said no to that and countered back with possibly getting either his Lamar Miller or Doug Martin. I want Miller because I drafted D. Foreman. He seems to be high on both Miller and Martin though by saying he would need more than just Rogers for that trade. I, however, feel Rogers is good enough for Miller or Martin plus a bit more.

So what are your thoughts?


Rodgers is worth more than either Miller or Martin. If you trade Rodgers, you should get one of those RBs + JStew or Dion Lewis or Robby Anderson or DeDe Westbrook.


Man that’s exactly what I was thinking but I wanted to make sure. It’s funny you said Dede Westbrook cause I have him already haha but I get what you’re saying. Thanks for you advice @Harpersdad!