Am I really benching Robinson for waiver pickups

I need help with my FLEX spot. I am really at a loss on what to do. I got both of the big RB waiver pickups, but I don’t know who to flex:


My runningbacks:

RB1- Zeke Elliott @ LAC
RB2- Kareem Hunt vs HOU

James Robinson vs DEN
Ty’Son Williams vs KC
Eli “Missle” Mitchell @ PHI

Any help is very much appreciated!

Yeah I think you’re playing Eli over him. All have big questions but I’ll take the presumed incumbent 49ers starting RB here.

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Agreed, I did the same thing and bid big on Mitchell since JRob is my RB2 and I’m really nervous about the Jags, he’s definitely the play this week, having a piece of SF rush offense is always nice.

I think I’d give Williams the nod for one more week. Maybe it was the Browns, but the Chiefs’ run D din’t look to be in playoff form yet, and you KNOW the Ravens are going to try to control the ball against them. They may not throw 5 passes all game. lol