Am I silly for wanting to accept?

0.5ppr league

Offered: Aj Brown, Robbie Anderson, Jerrick Mckinnon

For: DJ Moore, Noah Fant

Am I out of my gourd for wanting to accept this? Thoughts?

This depends on your roster.

However, in the end if it is a trade you want to accept, that is up to you.

The biggest reservation that I have it whether or not Robbie Anderson’s output will continue? Im confident AJ brown will jump back to what he started last year, but he’s boom/bust, and DJ’s consistency is such a value

I believe while CMC is out Anderson will be consistenly fantasy relevant and a mid to low WR2 with high WR2 upside. Obviously, when he comes back, Anderson’s value will take a hit.

If you need them this week do it.