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Am I starting the right line up?


10 team standard

Any feed back is welcome!


I’m down -4 to 20 he had Brady hogan and gostkowski


I’d personally play ginn or Britt over Cooper. I think Crabtree will be the man this game. But it is risky picking between the two.


Just wondering what makes you pick Crabtree over cooper


I just think with Cooper having the knee problems, along with him probably going to be in double coverage the whole game, I think Crabtree will be your guy. It’s a risk but you said you’re down so having both Cooper and Crabtree in your lineup gives you relatively no upside unless they both have great games in which could be possibly I just think you’ll have a greater chance of Coming back and winning this week with Britt due to Cleveland more than likely going to be coming from behind and having to throw the ball up. Along with Crabtree being the red zone target. Cooper only got 5 touchdowns last year, so I just see more upside in Crabtree.


NICE, thanx for the input. That never would’ve even cross my mind.


One more thing, does me having 8 players to play vs his 6 have any significance