Am I stupid to do this? Thoughts please

Thought about dropping my kicker completely this week-I am already projected up by 30 points against the 2nd place team-8 team PPR league-this week-Was going to try and snag Jacksonville’s defense on Saturday-I could drop E Sanders but that would only leave with Hill and Allen at receivers-I won’t do that though-Loaded at RB-So do I take the chance and drop M Bryant for JAGS D and then when week 8 is over drop Seattle and snag Rams kicker Etc Etc-I am 6 and 1 in league play-Does that sound ridiculous as Jags just added Buffalos DT Dareus and just makes them even better-I am looking ahead to make my team better come playoff time-

My kicker is Matt Bryant

Depending on how crucial the win is and/or how confident you are in winning without the kicker, it isn’t a bad move. Defenses are often the deciding factor week to week and Jax plays in a horrible division.

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I’m playing a 2nd place 5-2 team but am up 30 points by projections-He is starting Wilson-TY Hilton-Baldwin-Bell-C Thompson-Kroft at TE—Elliot at kicker then Pittsburgh–I got Brady–T Hill–K Allen–Shady–M Gordon–J Graham or Reed and either Mixon-CMC-Martin or Kamara at flex-Matt Bryant and Seattle on D-I’m leaning toward Mixon this week against Colts-You think that’s a good flex play? Thanks…

I probably shouldn’t drop my kicker but damn them Jags get points and hope one the bottom tier teams snags them-I could drop Sanders and snag C Davis Sanu Fuller for week 9 and 10–That Sanders injury really concerns me moving forward from him and Denver is terrible on offense right now-