Am I the bad guy here?

My dynasty league of 3 years just disbanded, and it got ugly. To sum it up, a league member messaged me looking for a trade. He was looking for someone with a lot of early picks in 2022, and he would give them all of his early picks in 2021, to in his words “take control of the next two drafts”. I declined. A little bit later, I see a trade go through. Two players swapped all of their early round picks for the next two years, which resulted in one of them 5 of the first 15 picks in 2021, and the other having 8 of the first 24 picks in 2022. I posted a Screenshot of our conversation, and said that I believed what they did to be an act of collusion. They got mad, quit, and so did a few others because they thought the league was toxic. Am I the bad guy? Is that just how dynasty works? I should add, my team was good, a contender, and I have some picks, too. Im not bitter,Having a good team is not a crime. But that trade just seemed fishy to me, especially with the message. Am I wrong? Should I apologize for essentially breaking up the league?