Am I the only one who hates playing Allen Robinson?

I know the Lions are a layup matchup this week and I need to play him, but he is just such a not fun play for me. I hate relying on a receiver with an awful QB, and there’s something about him that makes me feel the sad trombone :frowning:

Is it just me? I only drafted him because he had fallen way further than he should have, but even then I wasn’t thrilled to take him. I’m in a full PPR and need to pick 2 of Carson, Woods, and Robinson. Sitting Carson because of the matchup in Robinson’s favor, but in pretty much every other week I am going to be looking for excuses to keep him on the bench

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All you say is true, but remember he had the same terrible QB last year and he was still the WR11 hitting 12.9 pts/game in 1/2 ppr

I’m a Bears fan yet avoided all bears this year including Robinson

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Yeah, as a Bears fan i have strict no Bears policy, at least until the Pace/Nagy era is over…i think the last Bear i rostered was Forte.