Am I Tilting? Would You Accept this Trade? Hopkins, Bell

I am in a 2 QB keeper league that rewards bonuses for 100, 200, 300 yards passing, rushing, or receiving. There are no QBs on the waivers and I am 2nd to last currently. My big issue is my QB’s and RBs. My QB’s are plagued with injuries and I am trying to stay afloat. I received a trade offer today that I am considering in hopes it could buy me a couple of wins.

Offer: Recieve Lev Bell, G. Minshew ---- Giveaway Hopkins, Newton

Current Team
QB: Lamar
WR: Hopkins
RB: Josh Jacobs
W/R: D. Freeman
TE: Kittle
QB2: K. Allen

D. Jackson
R. Anderson

I cringe thinking about giving away Hopkins but If Darnold will be back in the next couple of weeks I think Lev Bell becomes much more valuable, plus the secret garden is averaging 20 points per game and Allen got me 2. I do have WR depth that I could try and stream in some options. I AM AT A LOSS, ANY ADVICE IS APPRECIATED.

I would hard pass on giving up those two players for a player of Bell’s caliber/situation. I think you can reach a little higher for a Josh Jacobs/Jonathan Taylor and feel better about the trade.

don’t do that trade

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IMHO, Hopkins by himself currently is not worth a Minshew/Bell trade. Hopkins is crushing (as you know) it with Kyler.

Minshew has been playing well, but you have Lamar, is that Josh Allen or Kyle Allen and Newton. All of them have different bye weeks (assuming it is Josh Allen) so you will be good with rotating those 3.

I dont know why McLaurin is on your bench. While he is on a weak team, that only helps his fantasy value as the team will be down often and throwing constantly in games. He is also their unquestioned top target with no one to threaten him. I would put him in over D. Freeman

Honestly, I think Adam Gase has ruined Bell’s fantasy value and I dont see him being anything more than a mid-tier RB3. The Jets are just a bumbling mess right now and I wouldnt touch or start any of them at least not until Gase is gone.

Honestly, your team is fine. You can find depth pieces on the wavier wire.