Am I wrong for being irritated?

My league mates generally don’t trade. There was only one last year, and 2 the year before. This year, one player has made 3 trades so far. His first - Gio Bernard and Will Fuller for Thielen. His second was Jordan Howard and Jordan Reed for Freeman. His third was Robert Woods and Austin Ekeler for Dalvin Cook.

His team now has Hopkins, Thielen, Kareem Hunt, Freeman, Cook, Big Ben, Luck, and Kenyan Drake, and he’s hoarding the number 1 waiver pick(I tried to convert to FAAB but was outvoted.)

I’m not mad at him, and I applauded his moves as being great for him, but criticized our league for the trades and not looking at his final roster before agreeing, and jokingly referred to his team as overpowered and BS. Am I wrong for being irritated here, or am I justified? As the commissioner, I know there’s no collusion involved, but want to keep the league competitive for all of us.

But Freeman, Cook and Drake are bums in my view

The Dave, I sort of agree, which is why I’m now questioning the validity of my argument. But it’s also only week 5 and things could change.

The one that really gets my goat is Gio/Fuller for Thielen. I’m not a veto guy but you have to at least have the discussion with a trade like that. The others aren’t so crazy (they may even end up as negatives), so I’d try to take advantage of whoever gave away Thielen too if you can.

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But if that trade was made just after Mixon got injured, and you knew you had 2-3 weeks of Gio being an RB1, possibly more, it could be seen to be even.ish.
I get it though, I haven’t made a trade yet this year, some other guys in my league have, it seems no one wants to trade with me and I’m annoyed that I haven’t been able to get a shiny new toy as I’m lacking at WR. Some years people just don’t want to trade.

Gio/Fuller for Thielen was pre injury. Talked to Thielen owner and he honestly thought he was coming out ahead, as he was also the Lev Bell owner and hurting at RB and this is only his 2nd year playing fantasy, so didnt draft particularly well.