Amare for Diggs?

Was offered a trade for Diggs which I have for Cooper. My currents wide receivers are Michael Thomas, Marvin Jones, and John Brown. Should I roll the dice on Cooper since Diggs is having health problems right now?

i would accept that trade instantly

Even with diggs injury I reckon you can squeeze more out of this deal due to how low Cooper is in value at the moment

Sweet. Thanks for the help

Diggs is 4 times better

I would much rather have diggs. This is a very bad trade for you!

Man. Now I’m torn. Does anyone think that Cooper might bounce back. He had the same problem as last year during the first half of the season and then bounce back during the second half

I think even if Cooper bounces back diggs has a higher ceiling. He’s a very talented receiver

Yeah very true. I like diggs more just worried about health