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Amari breaks out tonight? Maybe?


I dislike playing Thursday players but wonder if it’s worth it to FLEX in Amari Cooper… 8 team standard, also can go with McCaffrey, Fitz, Darkwing Duck, orrrr Rob Kelley.

Feedback is appreciated, Footclan!


I’m not starting Amari in my league of record, but I am taking a chance on him in my secondary league. I just don’t believe that things will continue to go this badly. He has to trend back in the positive direction at some point.


I’d start Fitz over him. I will disclose though that I recently traded away Cooper and I play against him tonight so the way my luck is, Cooper will have 200 yards and 3 TDs.


I mean… at the current pace… lololol


There he goes, breaking out after I give up lol.


Good night for your secondary league, huh. Cheers!


Lol I just traded him, Hunt and Smith…
I got Howard, Cohen, AJ Green and Engram. PPR… so it sucks to see him go off, but no way he keeps that up.


I benched him. I hate Fantasy Football now.


You could sell high right now saying “he’s back”.