Amari Cooper 3rd rnd?

I am at the turn in a 10 man PPR league. I have been going RB/RB at picks 10/11. Every draft I do Amari Cooper is there for me 30/31. I never feel great about Cooper after the draft. Your thoughts about Cooper at this spot?
*other WRs available are Thielen, JuJu, DJ Moore, Woods, Kupp, Robinson.
*RBs available are usually Fournette, David Johnson, Gordon, J Taylor. (carson occassionally)

I’m in the same boat, and have done a lot of mock drafts on different platforms to get a feel for it. Definitely seems best to grab two RBs to start. Personally, I’ve been taking Robinson over Cooper. I know Cooper’s QB situation is better, but Robinson was really solid for me last year, tends to get tons of targets, and he’s never had a good QB anyway. Just seems safer to me, especially in full PPR. It’s close though, Amari’s upside is insane.

Occasionally I’ll go RB/WR for 10/11, and go RB/TE at 30/31 if Ertz or Andrews is available. I’ve been pretty happy with this approach a few times; you just have to remember to save the QB til way later to make it work.

Honestly in the exact same boat as Amari, DJ and Robinson are all there for my 3rd round pick as I’m going RB/RB first 2 rounds. I’ve been taking Amari as I’m trying to trust the ballers rankings. For the most part those WRs are all gonna have around the same type of season barring injuries so I would t overthink it.