Amari cooper and desean Jackson for Aaron jones

I deep at wr Adams cooper golladay Kupp jackson Tate

Rb Barkley cook Jacobs ito smith mattison

Starting roster?

If its 2RB, 2WR, and 1Flex; I wouldn’t do it.

Typically, WRs are better flex plays in PPR because of it being PPR lol.
So I assume your roster is:


Kupp or Jacobs

I think you are better off with Cooper. I am the first to admit I did NOT believe in him being consistent this year but it appears, through 2 weeks, hes a consistent WR2 with WR1 and WR#1 upside. Plus, with Gallup dinged up and a juice Mia matchup, I wouldn’t look to move him yet.
On top of that, DJax (in only 1 game) was a target hog with big play upside. I think you’re overpaying for Aaron Jones because you don’t need him. I don’t think its bad value; but, I don’t think I would trade a consistent WR2 with WR1 upside and a WR2 when healthy for a RB1 when you don’t need another RB

(I realize RB depth is key but you have 3 RB1s and can get another RB if you do have an injury later)

Very true yes it’s 2 wr 2rb 1 flex I’ve had jacobs in my flex thus far. The owner is trying to get cooper from me keeps offering Montgomery or Monty and engram for cooper and Jackson. I have Henry on ir and picked up Vance of the wire thank god soneine dropped him for Andrews

My line up is

Dak Adams cooper Barkley cook Vance Jacobs Slye no def right now

Bench Kupp golladay jackson Tate ito mattison IR Henry

WIthbmy wr depth is like to add another rb is my goal

Sry and it’s a standard league

Would you trade any of my guys for Damien Williams I know the owner is at a low with him I could probably get him

I am always open to trades; but, I recommend being careful not to overpay. Damien Williams is a dinged up, low-paid, RB in a committee. I think he is a low-end RB2/Flex. So if the price is around a Flex price; sure