Amari cooper + Dion Lewis trade

So, in a standard 10-team league, im trying to get rid of these two players, i doubt i will ever play them and i want a new bench slot.
Im thinking about trying to offer this trades:
1 - AC + Dion for John brown - is it enough for brown after his worst game this season?
2 - AC + Dion for Keelan Cole - does this trade pay off? keelan hasnt been bad, but hasnt been good as well, feels like i could get something better for the names of ac and lewis

if you can do option 1, go for it. brown looks like he is gonna have a great year. solid volume in a offense that looks better than previous years. i say pitch it and see where it lands.

brown’s owner hardly counter offers if he feels like someone is low balling too much, so i should come to him with a solid enough offer… Does i seem solid to you? If you think it is, im pitching it to him

i do think you win this trade, he may see it as low balling. but if you can do 1, i would go for it. if you can, hold out for more ballers opinions if youre thinking he is gonna shut it down.

any other teams you have taken a look at?

Yeah, i feel like im prob going to propose the trade to him…
I also have enunwa i can give instead of cooper or lewis, maybe this will feel like a better trade.

I might target ty hilton as well. He wont play again, so maybe his owner wants to sell him…

just offered:
Amari Cooper, Quincy Enunwa and Dion Lewis
John Brown and Billal Powell

what do you think?