Amari Cooper drop? And Ito Smith or Nick Chubb ROS?

Hate to drop Amari, based on age/talent and a pretty good schedule but if Carr continues to avoid him it may not mater. Would you drop Cooper for the WRs typically available (Kirk, Sutton, Kearse, Wilson, etc)?

And which RB has better value ROS… Ito Smith or Nick Chubb (I also own Hyde if that matters)?

Interested as well. My thoughts are that smith provides some immediate value while Chubb is more of a lotto ticket. Chubb is the better RB but who knows if he will ever get a material amount of touches.

I have Cooper and don’t think dropping him right now is the thing to do he just got concussion on the 2 drive hold out for 2 more weeks and see how it go’s IMO.

I had cooper but traded him and mike davis last week for ty hilton. I’d take it to now that Freeman is on IR.