Amari cooper drop worthy?

Is he droppable?
0.5 ppr 10 man league.
Drafted him 40th overall but he just rides my bench.
My other wr: adams, cooks, kupp, lockett, Davis, Shepard
What do you guys think?

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if you have to drop someone for a particular reason, then yes, i think it’s acceptable to drop him instead of any of those WR’s. but if you don’t have to drop anybody, then no reason not to hold him until whenever his next massive game is and see if someone gets too excited about his prospects and put him in a trade the first chance you get.

He can be dropped. He’s on pace for 45 catches going into week 6. He can not be trusted even as a flex.

I have him and was hoping he would show up this week. I need him for the bye but just can’t do it. Drafted him as a W3 then, turned him into a flex and now I must drop him.

There are better flex options in the bargain bin. He may come around later but by that time I will have found a legit replacement.

Still has name and intrigue value, try and package him and someone else for a better option before dropping him. Depending on who your picking up it might be worth letting him ride the bench to try and get one more decent performance. Gotta get rid of him ASAP after anything double digits.

Watch MNF. Meredith or Tre[Quan, one of those two are about to turn the corner. I don’t know which one but Ginn is out and also in the doghouse. I would pick one of them up for now. I see no trade value in Cooper. He did the same thing last season, sandbagged a bunch of games and then hits paydirt when teams realize he is actually not a ghost and was a 1st round draft pick.

Cooper has trade value based on name and random good games he’s force fed. Even if Tre’Quan or Meriden goes off, if we held a draft this week and copper is there in the 6th or 7th your still taking him based on “projected opportunity, upside, yada yada” the same reason he’s hyped every year. While both smith and merideth are still going double digits. You should have packaged him and c Davis for a better floor guy before this week. But there is still time and value I think. People LOVE name brands.

I think he’s a drop if you can’t package trade him. He’s a classic landmine, i’d let someone else deal with the headache week to week to be honest. Providing of course there is someone worth picking up over Cooper

Watch him have another 200 yard game next week then go back into hibernation for 4 games.

@EconoTeam deserves a shout out for this advice

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Agreed…great call