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Amari Cooper dropped; should I grab him?


Hey FootClan! Someone in my league just dropped Amari Cooper to waivers. I’m planning on picking him up and dropping Tarik Cohen. Is this a good move, and if I get Cooper should I stash him or try to trade him on name?

My other WRs are Michael Thomas, Michael Crabtree, Alshon Jeffrey, and Martavis Bryant


Absolutely pick him up and drop Cohen. Cooper will regress back to the mean and be a stud again.


The same thing happened in my league and I stashed him. Too much talent to play this way all year. If you have the roster space he may be worth a stash. But he’ll have to show something soon.


Thank you both! Hopefully I can get him cause I have the lowest waiver priority and they go through tomorrow… you wouldn’t be worried about having him and Crabtree?


Not in the short term. Ordinarily I would not want 2 WR on the same team. But Crabtree is a must start right now but if Cooper comes back into it and/or Crabtree goes down, you would be prepared at least.


Definitely stash. Same thing happened in my league, just got him this morning with waiver priority #4, beat out the guy with waiver #6 who also wanted him. Great bench stash for when he gets it together. @tip27 is right, too much talent there.


I’m really happy with Crabtree as my WR2 weekly and Michael Thomas should be my WR1. I’m not a huge fan of Cooper’s boom/bust nature so I think I’ll probably trade him later this year


Stash him for now and wait till he has a blow up game, then try to trade him. His name value is getting dragged through the mud with his season so far so you won’t get much for him now.