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Amari Cooper Dynasty Value

What do you think is fair compensation for Amari Cooper?

Full point PPR

Other WR: Tyreek, Godwin, Mike Williams, tyrell willians, Lazard, slayton

Very vague question. Compensation at a certain position? Combination of positions? Rookie picks?

I’m not looking for anything in particular I suppose. I’m set at top end RB: Cook, Barkley, Kamara, Montgomery. And I have the 1.05 and 1.09 this year. I’m trying to shop the 1.09 right now but not getting back much in return at the moment. Then at the 1.05 I’m hopping to snag Dobbins to add RB depth.

I suppose to answer your question, I would want to gauge his value in all three scenarios

You could probably talk the Cook owner into trading if you play of the injury history, but Barley and Kamara owners aren’t going to want to trade for a WR with the stigma of inconstant. You could you the 1.09 in to get them to think about budging, but that’s giving up too much imo. There are some great WRs still at 1.09. I personally think Cooper is worth more than Montgomery, but don’t see why the Montgomery owner wouldn’t want to get rid of an RB with a disappointing rookie year.

I have all of those RBs I mentioned. And I have all of the WR in the original post. I have the 1.05 and 1.09. I guess I didn’t explain very well.

I have Amari and I am trying to gauge what kind of market he has.

Do you think a RB like chubb or Jones or ekeler or Jacobs would be fair? Or like a player like Juju or obj if I went the WR route? And maybe a pick as an add on?

Sorry for the confusion

Okay, I read that as RBs you were targeting.

You might be able to get Chubb straight up if the owner is worried about Hunt. Jones is someone I would target if you can’t get Chubb. Dude may be out of GB soon and is a beast. Maybe he lands on a team that actually wants to commit to him. Eckler is going to have a hard time producing the same without Rivers. Teams are going to stack the box more, knowing the QB situation is shakey. Rivers favorite move was check down too, so probably less passes to Eckler. Juju post AB worries me. He did before the start of last season and still does. OBJ is a head scratcher on why people still invest such high capital. Dude can’t make it through a full season. Is year 2 with the Browns going to get better?

Depends how many of each position you can start. But I wouldn’t necessarily be trading Amari in your position.

I wouldn’t be starting any of those RBs you suggested over Cook, Barkley or Kamara. So either that player is in your flex or on your bench. Whereas at WR you’ve got a reasonably significant drop off from Tyreek, Godwin and Amari to the rest of your WR depth.

Your three RBs and top three WRs is a very strong starting lineup, with Montgomery/Slayton/Mike Williams to fill your remaining one or two flex spots.

Could go for Sutton/DJ Moore/Kenny G/Metcalf/AJ Brown. Might be able to get one of them plus something for Cooper. Though they’re all pretty close I’d say

We start two RB and two WR and two flex.

‘My thought was to get another top RB so that I can be starting 4 RB and only two WR.

I know there is a drop from my top WR to backups but I really think Slayton takes another step this year and Lazard is given the shot at WR2 behind Adams. I would also use my 1.09 pick to take the best rookie WR at that point to hopefully add some depth. The first 4-5 teams are very RB needy and I should have a shot at a Raegor or Jefferson there.

I would use the 1.05 to try and take Dobbins if he is there to help add even more RB depth.

I have really been looking at trying to trade him for Zeke and me throwing in a couple of picks. Or trading him for Sanders and trying to get an additional pick
All this would depend on what the trade took to complete.

I have also been looking at trying to trade for either DeeBo or DJ Moore but both of those teams are heavy at WR so probably wouldn’t be able to give them Cooper. I was thinking about just trying to send a rooking pick, probably the 1.09. Is that trying to buy them too low or fair?

On the Deebo/DJ Moore front, I think 1.09 is too low for either of them. Well definitely for Moore. I guess you could make an argument for Deebo but everyone is so high on him now that I doubt that would get it done. If this is one QB, not superflex, then definitely not enough. They are both proven (semi proven in Deebo’s case) commodities in comparison to a rookie. As much as everyone loves rookies this time of year there’s no guarantee that whoever you get at 1.09 is going to match either of those guys.

Getting Zeke would be good, can’t really ever complain about that. If you want to start four RBs then I think you need to be aiming for Zeke or someone close to that level. Otherwise you’re just lowering the quality of your starting lineup.

I like Slayton to take a step this year as well.

With what you need to start and the players you’ve got I think you can pretty much do whatever you want. You’ve got the pieces (players and picks) to make pretty much any move.