Amari Cooper For Antonio Gibson?

12 team Full PPR 3 player keeper league. Was offered Amari Cooper for Gibson? What do y’all think? I would like another WR but in a keeper I don’t think it would make sense to give up Gibson. Any opinions or another move to make

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That’s tough. I have a similar bench. Depending on how many keepers you get and if you get to keep Gibson at his drafted value- keep Gibson. if he counts as a keeper and doesn’t count against value- Cooper

It’s 3 player keeper. I know value increases 1 round every year but of the top of my head I can’t remember if it stays the same the first year then moves. But right now Gibson would be either a 7th or 6th round keeper. Cooper would be either a 5th or a 4th

How much better is Amari going to be week to week than Hopkins, Moore, and AJ Green?

Is that worth passing up a later round Starting RB?

Even in a non-keeper, I’d likely pass… add in that Keeper option and I’m insta-declining.