Amari Cooper for Dak and Landry

I’m sending Amari Cooper for Dak and Jarvis Landry. Half-point, good trade?

It would be good value if you need a QB for sure. If you’ve given up on Amari, I say do it. If you can stash him until he works it out, though, he presents way more upside than Landry.

I don’t see him working it out anytime soon. Not with Carr out, and not with his upcoming slate of matchups. I suspect you need a win now, so I’d go for it.

I think that’s a great trade. I’d rather have Landry than Cooper at this point, especially in PPR. So you are getting Dak for free basically in my opinion

I like it. Getting value out of Cooper is hard. Landry could get even more value with Parker going down with an ankle injury.