Amari Cooper/KareemHunt for Julio/Chubb

Standard league. I would be receiving Amari and Hunt. Wanting to pull the trigger on this trade since i am currently in last place in my league at 1-3 and cant just sit around and wait for these guys to get better. Below is my roster for WR and RB

TY Hilton
Julio Jones
Marvin Jones
Tee Higgins
Russell Gage
Diontae Johnson
Nick Chubb
Chris Carson
Antonio Gibson
Mark Ingram
Zack Moss

will probably accept this trade today unless proven otherwise lol

smash yes.

I am also trying to get Keenan Allen… would u give the other team TY Hilton or Marvin Jones and Mark Ingram for Keenan?

neither have been great. But i’d send TY. he looks busted and the Colts seen to be committed to younger weapons at WR. Marvin has more upside IMO.

TLDR: I would feel better about putting Marvin Jones in my FLEX if I needed to.