Amari Cooper, Mckissic or Charles Clay for Flex?

12 person, 0.5 PPR

Who do I start?

I seriously can’t believe that this is a logical question. I guess I’d still roll with Cooper, but it’s surprisingly a tough decision.

I would actually go with Clay. I agree that it is a tough decision, but I don’t think Cooper will get targeted enough to make him reliable. Cooper could get lucky, but I think Clay is a safer bet.

I tried to reason through this in my head before posting it but I am actually stumped on who to play

I would probably go with Clay over a Carr-less Cooper. Mckissic is more of a wait and see IMO

Ya I totally agree. I’d be stumped too. It’s just so funny the way things progress (or regress) throughout the season. If someone told me before the season that this would be a logical question that We’d be discussing, I would have said they were crazy.

Charles Clay over both those options no question

I’d go with Clay, I don’t think the Cooper apocalypse talk is an overreaction. I want to see him do something before I can play him again. I’m not sure it’s a good time to do that with a good Ravens defense and a backup QB