Amari Cooper on waivers... how much FAAB?

Apparently Amari Cooper was dropped in my 14 team half PPR league. I have the most FAAB remaining. If I bid $1 above the next highest team, I will have $3 for the rest of the year. Am I crazy to do this? I’m going to make the playoffs, so I really just don’t want another playoff team to get him. What do you think?

Depends how close you are to your final line up and how covered you are for injuries. Is Cooper your final piece in which case it makes sense but if you’re doing it to stop someone else then don’t blow your budget. Put in a middle bid to make sure no one steals him cheap but I’d say look after your team 1st and worry about the teams youre playing 2nd

Thanks! That helps a lot. I feel pretty good with my lineup except for having Larry Fitz as my WR3 after Palmer went down. I’m gonna go ahead and bid it up to make sure I get him. Worst case scenario, I could always trade him to fill a need later.